Serhiy Zabutnyy

Dance Instructor & School Owner

Serhiy & Liana were born and raised in Ukraine and now make their home in Regina, SK, where they are driven to take Ukrainian dancing in Regina to a new level.

Serhiy and Liana studied Ukrainian dance instruction and choreography in Ukraine. Both have Diploma in Arts & Culture from University of Dnipropetrovsk. Serhiy danced professionally in the Army Dance Corps, and for 14 years both were employed as Ukrainian dancers with the Nadzbruchanka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble in Ternopil, Ukraine.

In 1999, Serhiy became the chief choreographer and the Artistic Director of Nadzbruchanka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Liana received recognition as “Ballerina of Highest Caliber”.

Serhiy was twice named “performer of the Year” in Ukraine.